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Jump-starting mobile money innovation for the advancement of...

A financially inclusive system serves every individual’s needs by empowering them to manage liquidity, achieve goals and face shocks, ultimately contributing to an improved quality of life. The use of formal financial services is limited in Lesotho, particularly for low-income and rural populations (69% of Basotho adults are estimated to live in rural areas [1]). […]


When the bus driver is the only option…

Access to formal remittance services is difficult for many migrants because of the onerous documentation requirements that banks and remittance providers impose on prospective clients. South Africa has long been the dominant economy in the region. Statistics indicate that South Africa contributes almost two thirds of regional GDP[1]. It comes as no surprise then that […]


Ever wondered why you need so many documents before you can ...

These requirements are a legacy of regulations meant to ensure that the financial system is sound and is not abused for fraud, money laundering or the financing of terrorism. However, they have unwittingly contributed to the continued exclusion of many of the most vulnerable members of society from the financial system. Anyone who has tried […]


The Many Faces of Social Exclusion

Despite progress around the world, many people continue to face social exclusion. While not a cure-all, financial services have the potential to connect them to more opportunities. Meet Aminata, a young Senegalese woman in her late teens. She lives with her parents and four siblings in Kedougou, a small town in southeastern Senegal. Aminata completed […]


#BlackFriday blues!

we buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like”. This holds particularly true for financially stressed South African consumers. A famous quote by Dave Ramsey states “we buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like”. This holds particularly true […]


Closing the gap between uptake and usage of financial produc...

Why is it that 80 percent of bank account holders in Madagascar only use their accounts once a month or less?What makes the parents of a child requiring unforeseen medical treatment in the DRC choose to approach their mutualitée(a local form of informal mutual aid society) for a loan despite access to a microfinance institution or local bank?If […]


The joy of mobile survey design

Written by Shirley Jeoffreys-Leach. Shirley is a researcher within the data team at the insight2impact (i2i) data facility. I designed a mobile survey today and really enjoyed it. You might be thinking: of course it is satisfying, it is easy. But that really isn’t the case. Mobile surveys, and in this case SMS mobile surveys, require a different approach, […]