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FSC and affordable mortgage loan performance assessment with...

This presentation focuses on the performance of mortgages granted to lower income households in South Africa since 2004. This analysis finds that mortgages granted to lower income households have on average performed in line with the market as a whole. However, this analysis allows for a more nuanced comparison of performance that also highlights some key […]


Financial sector opportunities and constraints in SADC ̵...

Africa is the next investment frontier and the SADC region has some of the most attractive investment opportunities on the continent. Developing closer financial ties between SADC countries, known as regional financial integration (RFI), will bring many benefits for the private financial sector, but we’ve yet to see huge improvements. This one-day regional financial integration […]

SADC FI Strategy

FinScope South Africa 2012 – personalities of the unde...

FinMark Trust appointed frog to conduct immersive research within a lower-income community in South Africa to better understand the challenges of deepening financial inclusion in South Africa. FinMark Trust engaged frog for a 2-week frogImmersive study to provide additional insights on consumer behavioral patterns, lifestyles and attitudes on financial services. This document describes frog’s approach, […]


The payment experiences of social grant beneficiaries

FinMark Trust commissioned Progressus Research Development to document the experiences of recipients (cash and electronic) to provide insights into: appropriate design features; how the payment methods operate (in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and cost), how the payment method impacts on and enhances the beneficiaries’ ability to connect to financial services.

SADC Payments and Remittances