Programme | Mobile

The proliferation of mobile devices has presented researchers with a golden opportunity to rethink the way data is collected. Mobile surveys aren’t going to replace traditional Demand Side Surveys (DSS) any time soon, but they do provide us with options that allow us to track important market metrics regularly and understand emerging phenomena as and when they start developing. These mobile generated insights can then be explored further using tailored DSS surveys or experimental methods.

Collecting financial inclusion data through mobile phones has the following benefits:

  • Allows for more sustainable research programmes (i.e. reduced cost)
  • Quicker data and indicator cycles
  • Interim measurement between large FI surveys and for M&E tracking
  • More relevant mode for some target markets (youth)
  • Produces complimentary data to FinScopes and Supply Side data, not a replacement
  • Modularised measurement around specific themes
  • Delve into specific topics (DFS, usage, etc.)
  • Early insight into emerging trends

The DFM programme has successfully used mobile surveys in a number of countries, including Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda and South Africa to understand particular financial services behavior. During 2018 data will be collected through mobile devices in 8 more countries. Our mobile offering includes data collection via SMS, USSD, web and Computer Aided Telephone Interviews (CATI).