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The portal currently hosts multiple data types of data and analytical tools, including:

Nationally representative survey datasets for over 30 countries (See our FinScope product line for more information);
GIS location data, which is combined contextual GIS data layers for 7 countries (See our GIS product line for more information);
Tools for the generation of headline financial inclusion statistics from the data and;
Visualisation tools to facilitate understanding and analytics.

The open data portal leverages our own publically disseminated data, as well as the data of entities such as CGAP, MFO, the World Bank, LIFT, the FSD Network, Resource watch, the United Nations and country level regulatory authority and GIS data.

Our portal is continuously evolving as our data and analytics work is conducted in more countries as well as novel data sources for existing countries. Over the course of the next few months, the portal will start hosting live data from publically available entities.

Visit our portal here