Programme | Inclusion Policy Coordination and Advocacy

As an independent trust and facilitator, with a track record of “Making Financial Markets Work for the Poor” FinMark Trust is well positioned to be the unbiased facilitator in the financial inclusion environment on behalf of stakeholders.

The three main areas that FinMark Trust plays a beneficial coordinating role are:

  • the convening of national fora where financial inclusion stakeholders such as policy makers, regulators and industry players can share insights and persepctives and arrive at consensus
  • coordinating and aligning the efforts of the various policy making organs which often have different but overlapping mandates and objectives, and
  • provision of technical assistance to financial inclusion stakeholders in service of coordinated financial inclusion goals.

Applying the Risk Based Approach in South Africa Report

The risk based approach is a new practice within the AML/CFT field (since 2012). There exists a uniform and across-the-board perception within the AML/CFT community that remittances (particularly cross-border remittances) are by definition more susceptible to ML/TF risks than are other financial products and services. However, there has hitherto also been a lack of decisive […]

Inclusion Policy Coordination and Advocacy