Programme | SA FI Payments and Remittances


There are an estimates 3,3 million migrants living in South Africa, and an estimated 17 billion rand of remittances sent between South Africa and SADC. Of these – 80% are informal. FMT’s work focusses on increasing appropriate access to formal cross border remittances by identifying regulatory blockages, product and price assessments, accessibility assessments and piloting of innovative solutions.

The introduction of Risk based KYC/AML (RBA) regulations could impact the inclusion of those most vulnerable – FMT is supporting the development of frameworks for FSP’s to move to RBA in the region.


FMT provides technical support to Central Banks and Regulators in payments and financial services to increase financial inclusion. The support is linked to the proprieties identified in the MAP process. Examples of work include:

  • development of guidelines (such as Mobile Money Guidelines for CCBG SADC)
  • development of Credit Acts (such as the Credit Information Sharing Act for Botswana)

Our work in the region includes specific technical support to the CCBG and training in financial inclusion and Payments.

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