Programme | SADC MSME MAP

FMT has a new and exciting tool called MAP MSME, developed for enhancing MSME growth leveraging on its work on the consumer programme, Making Access Possible. The tool makes use of both demand and supply side diagnostics together with a regulatory and policy overview. MAP MSME, while scoping all MSMEs in sizing and scoping of the sector, takes a different focus on MSMEs.

Primarily, the tool sieves through the bulk of MSMEs that largely independent and survivalist in nature and identifies high growth SMEs through using a robust technique of segmentation resulting mostly in small and medium enterprises qualifying into the focal areas. This allows government, donors and private sector to focus scarce resources and support on fewer SMEs, likely to have real and meaningful impact on the real economy, provide employment and transform economies towards industrialisation.

The tool was first implemented in partnership with the Government of Swaziland, and has yielded a roadmap for SME growth.

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