Expression of Interest: Consultancy services for i2i midterm review

The purpose of the mid-term review is to learn from the i2i implementation experience and provide an objective review of the project objectives achieved and an assessment of its performance to date1. A strong emphasis will be placed on learnings derived, against a set of learning questions, as well as determining what the contribution made by the programme is, as opposed to attributing impact solely to the programme’s interventions. The intention is to inform improvement of implementation in order to maximise the potential to achieve the intended results at the end of the 5-year programme period and to assess the emerging opportunity areas for enhancing achievements. This will improve i2i’s work as well as provide our funders with valuable learnings that can be applied more broadly, beyond the context of i2i. A particular emphasis must be placed on the sustainability of both the i2i portal and the i2i programme overall.

Scope of the evaluation

The review will focus on the following areas:

• Strategic relevance and operating model: How adaptive has i2i been to market needs and changes? Particular attention should be given to the way that the programme assessed and adapted their strategic relevance to date.

• Management and organisation: How has i2i’s internal team and governance structure evolved to reflect the new priorities of the market? This includes an assessment of the operating model and the capacity of the organisation (e.g. competency, management, systems and processes) and how it was adapted or responded to the lessons learned to date. It also includes a review of the programme and implementation partners’ engagement with the programme donors to date.

• Programme effectiveness: What are the main programmatic achievements and challenges to date? How sustainable are the accomplishments? What value has been added for targeted stakeholders, and what is the perception of i2i among these stakeholders? In addition, to what extent have these stakeholders (governments, partners, and grantees) taken advantage of the insights generated by i2i?

• Lessons learned: The lessons learned from the first three years of implementation which can be applied both to inform and improve the operations of i2i for the final two years of the programme, and to provide the funders with learnings that can be applied more broadly in their intervention strategies.

• Sustainability: What potential business models could i2i feasibly pursue to ensure the ongoing provision of its services beyond initial donor commitments?

Experience required

Individuals or firms that apply should ideally have experience in the following areas:

• Reviewing and evaluating the impact/effectiveness of research.

• Reviewing and evaluating interventions which focus on systems-level changes.

• Evaluating programmes focusing on the data market and/or financial sector.

• Financial sector development and financial inclusion. Familiarity with the network of financial sector deepening trusts in Africa will be a benefit.