The Face of Social Exclusion Infographic

Despite progress around the world, many people continue to face social exclusion (i.e., limited access to social and economic opportunities). While not a cure-all, financial services have the potential to connect them to more opportunities. For example, evidence shows that financial services have a direct impact on health, education, gender equality and food security. If more meaningful progress is to be achieved in the future, we need a deeper understanding of the many other ways financial services might intersect with social exclusion. This includes uncovering which specific groups are socially and economically excluded, asking why and how they are excluded, and identifying where financial services can have the biggest impact on people’s lives.

Through the interest in social and economic exclusion, CGAP and FinMark Trust partnered together to start exploring these issues for both demographic and livelihood segments. For each segment, the analysis begins to uncover particular areas of exclusion that may deserve further consideration by the financial inclusion community.