FinScope Consumer survey Namibia 2011

Over the study period, there has been significant activity in the financial services sector, which has resulted in a significant increase in financial inclusion.  Compared to 2007, the 2011 FinScope Namibia Survey shows a significant increase in Namibian adults that are formally served. 65% of adult Namibians are formally served (n=727,736). This increase has been driven by a high uptake in transactional and savings products between 2007 and 2011.Financial sector innovation through products, services, technology and expansion of the distribution footprint has also contributed to this increase in the formally served population. An increase in local economic activity in selected areas like Aussenkehr, Rosh Pinah and other coastal areas in the Erongo region has driven uptake of banking products together with a general increase in the banking infrastructure.  In addition, the introduction of the Nampost Smartcard product into the market, was able to provide low-cost alternatives to those that are previously unbanked.