FinScope consumer survey Zimbabwe 2011

The FinScope Consumer Survey Zimbabwe 2011 is the first to be funded and implemented by FinMark Trust and Commissioned by the Ministry of Finance. The survey was conducted by the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZIMSTAT) formerly Central Statistical Office (CSO), identified as the research house. This report is based on data from the survey which was carried out during the period July 2011 to November 2011. The aim of the survey was to provide baseline data on the levels of financial inclusion in Zimbabwe. Other objectives of the survey were to describe the landscape of access (i.e. the type of products and services used by financially included individuals), to identify the drivers of, and barriers to the usage of financial products and services and to stimulate evidence-based dialogue that will ultimately lead to effective public and private sector interventions that will increase and deepen financial inclusion. The FinScope Consumer Survey Zimbabwe 2011 was launched on 17 May 2012 to stakeholders in the finance and insurance services sector in Zimbabwe. This report provides details to the main findings of the survey.