FinScope Consumer Survey Madagascar Pocket Guide (English)

The Malagasy economy is not diversified and economic growth is focused on a few sectors and regions qualified as growth poles due to their high population density, proximity of major projects and their access to markets. Many regions where the poverty rates are high, have low priorities in development programs and weakened economic performance.

The Malagasy Government identifies the fight against poverty through inclusive growth as its main objective and designed a strategy oultined in the Politique Generale de l’Etat (PGE) and translated into a National Development Program (2015-2019).

In addition, a National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIS) 2013-2017 is in place with the main objective to improve access to the population to financial services, meet all their needs and ensure economic growth including that of income and financial security. In this endeavor, the Malagasy Government together with the MAP partners lead the implementation of MAP with the first step of implementing a FinScope survey.