FinScope Swaziland 2014 consumer survey

The Government of Swaziland recognises the significant contribution of the financial services sector towards the overall economic and private sector growth. Financial institutions are challenged by the changing macro-economic contexts which require their transformation if they are to remain viable and sustainable. The Ministry of Finance established the Micro-Finance Unit (MFU) in September 2010 to facilitate the development and sustainability of the microfinance sector in the country. This should enable the sector to continue to effectively contribute to the development of rural communities. The objective of the MFU is to facilitate the provision of efficient and effective financial services on a sustainable basis; the development of an enabling and enhanced environment for business development in rural areas; and the establishment of micro- and small-scale enterprises as well as business services in rural areas. The FinScope Surveys in Swaziland not only enabled the assessment of the landscape of financial access, but also provided a benchmark for repeat surveys that will enable the impact of access related policy interventions to be assessed. This brochure summarises the findings of the 2014 FinScope Consumer Survey and, as such, will address the information needs that would enable the Government of Swaziland to develop and monitor evidence-based policies and regulations which will help extend the reach of financial services in Swaziland.