FinScope Zimbabwe Consumer survey 2014

In order to develop policies that generates sustainable and inclusive growth and development, the Government requires evidence-based information on the financial sector and levels of financial inclusion. To achieve this goal, FinMark Trust in collaboration with relevant stakeholders embarked on a repeat FinScope survey which was conducted by Research Continental-Fonkom between July and September 2014. The FinScope Consumer Survey 2014 is a follow-up to the first survey in 2011. The FinScope surveys in Zimbabwe (FinScope Consumer Survey 2011 and FinScope MSME Survey 2012) not only enabled the assessment of the landscape of financial access but also provided a benchmark for repeat surveys that will enable impact of access-related policy initiatives to be assessed. This brochure summarises the findings of the FinScope Consumer Survey 2014 and, as such, will help address the information needs that would enable the public and private sectors as well as other stakeholders to develop and monitor evidence-based policies and regulations which will help extend the reach of financial services in Zimbabwe.

FinScope Zimbabwe is designed to involve a range of stakeholders engaging in a comprehensive consultation process. This process has enriched the survey and the shared results have contributed meaningfully to members who have a common interest in financial inclusion. The FinScope Consumer Survey is an important component of the Making Access Possible (MAP) methodology as it is the demand tool that assists in determining the levels of financial access in a country. MAP is a diagnostic and programmatic framework to support expanding access to financial services for individuals and micro- and small businesses.

A total of 4 000 face-to-face interviews were conducted by Research Continental-Fonkom. The sampling frame, quality control and weighting of the data was conducted by ZIMSTAT. The sample is a nationally representative individual-based sample of Zimbabweans aged 18 years and older.