FMT Update: COVID-19

COVID-19 is a reality in our lives. It is manageable if we are responsible and support our staff, stakeholders, friends and family to remain healthy. The reduction of transmission remains key to fighting this tough virus.

FMT has embraced the call to action from our president and experts around the world.

We’re in this together
We have taken a decision that all our staff will work remotely, whilst we continue our important work to make financial markets work for the poor. Our staff members are accessible via all the normal channels. We have placed a temporary ban on travel with the focus on cross-border travel, and limited in person meetings and attendance and holding of events.

What next?
All our events and meetings will be managed via digital channels. Webinars, video conferencing and YouTube will replace in person interactions. This means that some of our events that were smaller due to logistics now become open to a wider audience and we see this as a great opportunity to share our good work with more people.

We care
We are concerned for the health and well-being of our colleagues and partners around the world, and we will do whatever is required of us to retain open communication with a focus on the poor whose lives we ultimately want to better.