Lao MAP Synthesis 2015 Report

This synthesis note summarises the main findings of the MAP Lao PDR diagnostic, a comprehensive study of the scope for financial inclusion in Laos across four product markets: credit, payments, savings and insurance. MAP Laos was requested by the Bank of Lao PDR as input towards the development of a financial inclusion strategy for Laos. The Bank of Lao Financial Institutions Supervision Department (FISD) has set up a steering committee for the MAP project. MAP Laos is funded by UNCDF, and was prepared under the auspices of the Making Access to Finance (MAFIPP) project. It was agreed that the MAP study will form the basis for the development of a multi-stakeholder roadmap for financial inclusion in Laos.

This Summary report is derived from the complete Diagnostic Report and should be read together with that report. The Country Diagnostic Report is a comprehensive analysis that combines data from the demand-side, study, together with the supply-side assessment and the regulatory overview. The supply-side analysis covers payments, savings, credit and insurance, and therefore provides an understanding of financial inclusion within the broader context of Laos. The demand-side component includes an analysis of access, usage, perceptions and attitudes of financial services by target groups. The demand-side analysis draws from quantitative data provided by the nationally representative Laos FinScope Survey, carried out during 2014- 15 and qualitative research in the form of Home Visits and Key Informant Interviews. Within this document (unless otherwise referenced) demographic, income and financial usage data is obtained from the 2014 FinScope Survey (henceforth referred to as FinScope). The sampling framework and weighting for FinScope is based on the 2005 national census and the 2013/14 village listing, and was developed in close collaboration with the Lao Statistics Bureau.

The MAP methodology and process has been developed jointly by UNCDF, FinMark Trust (FMT) and the Centre for Financial Regulation and Inclusion (Cenfri) to improve financial inclusion to improve individual welfare and support inclusive growth. This report was produced using the MAP Laos Country Diagnostic Report.