Lesotho MAP Roadmap 2014 – 2020 Report

This roadmap document is produced as part of a series of documents in the Making Access Possible (MAP) Lesotho initiative. MAP Lesotho was conducted as a result of a formal request by the Government of Lesotho, via the Ministry of Finance in August 2013. The MAP project is formally hosted by the Ministry of Finance, with the cooperation of the Central Bank of Lesotho. A steering committee has been formed to oversee the MAP diagnostic and  roadmap development process.

The key research findings from the MAP diagnostic in Lesotho are captured in the Synthesis Report which summarises the main findings of a comprehensive demand-side, supply-side and regulatory diagnostic (‘’Making Access Possible: Lesotho Country Diagnostic Report’’, 2014). The supply-side analysis covers payments, savings, credit and insurance, and therefore provides an understanding of microfinance in a broad context. The demand-side component includes an analysis of access, usage, perceptions and attitudes of financial services by target groups. The demand-side analysis draws from quantitative data provided by the Lesotho FinScope Survey 2011, as well as insights generated by qualitative research in the form of focus group discussions and individual consumer interviews conducted as input to the study. The supply-side analysis was informed through incountry consultations with industry, regulators and other stakeholders, complemented by desktop research and a mystery shopping exercise. Documents produced as part of the MAP Lesotho initiative include: (1) The MAP Lesotho Financial Inclusion Synthesis Findings 2014. (2) Making Access Possible: Lesotho Country Diagnostic Report 2014. (3) Qualitative Report on Financial Inclusion in Lesotho, KLA 2014.