Madagascar MAP Diagnostic 2017 Report

Making Access Possible (MAP) is a multi-country initiative to support financial inclusion through a process of evidence-based country diagnostic and stakeholder dialogue, leading to the development of national financial inclusion roadmaps that identify key drivers of financial inclusion and recommended action. Through its design, MAP seeks to strengthen and focus the domestic development dialogue on financial inclusion. The global project seeks to engage with various other international platforms and entities impacting on financial inclusion, using the evidence gathered at the country level. The MAP methodology and process has been developed jointly by UNCDF, FinMark Trust (FMT) and the Centre for Financial Regulation and Inclusion (Cenfri) to foster inclusive financial sector growth.

At country level, the core MAP partners, collaborate with government, other key stakeholders and donors to ensure an inclusive, holistic process. MAP Madagascar was jointly funded by the government of Madagascar, UNDP Madagascar, UNCDF, AFI and FinMark Trust and produced by Cenfri. This document sets out the comprehensive diagnostic findings which will feed into the Roadmap that will be developed in collaboration with the MAP Madagascar steering committee. This will form the basis of the national strategy on financial inclusion of Madagascar.