Status of agricultural and rural finance in Mozambique

As part of its mission to ‘make financial markets work for the poor’ in Africa, FinMark Trust commissioned the Centre for Inclusive Banking in Africa in 2010 to undertake a study to examine the current state of rural and agricultural financial services in the Southern African.  This Mozambique country study is part of the first phase of this project and will be used to subsequently enable the development of regional and country level policy frameworks and strategies aimed at significantly improving access to and the inclusion in rural and agricultural finance.

The study calls primarily on secondary data, particularly the results of the FinScope 2009 national survey on individual perceptions of financial services and issues, to analyze the current socio-economic and financial sector environment, demand for and supply of agricultural and rural financial services and levels of access to and inclusion in these services.  Development partner programs and activities related to the topic are also considered.  Then, enabling and disabling factors are identified at the macro, meso, micro and client levels.  Last, recommendations based on the previous analysis are offered for improving access to and inclusion in agricultural and rural financial services.