Survey on Demand for Financial Services in Botswana – FinScope 2009

The FinScope 2009 study was undertaken with the specific objectives of profiling levels of access to financial services and benchmarking current usage of formal and informal financial services (transactions, savings, insurance and credit/loans). The stratified random sampling design was used to select a nationally representative sample of 1,400 which was weighted to the adult population. The Kish grid was used to randomly select the respondents at the household level. The data was collected by use of a structured questionnaire between February 2009 and May 2009, and was entered and analyzed in the SPSS software. The analysis was done based on the weighted adult population of 993,854.

The findings from the FinScope 2009 suggest that 41 percent of the adult population is banked and 59 percent are unbanked. The probability of being banked is positively correlated with being male, being located in an urban area (city/town/urban village), being employed in paid public/private sector, and a higher level of education.