FinScope Consumer Survey Cameroon 2017 Pocket Guide (French)

Making Access Possible (MAP) is a diagnostic and programmatic framework to support expanding access to financial services for individuals and micro and small businesses. The MAP methodology and process has been developed jointly by UNCDF, FinMark Trust (FMT) and Cenfri to foster inclusive financial sector growth. At country level, the core MAP partners collaborate with Government, other key stakeholders and donors to ensure an inclusive, holistic process. UNCDF and UNDP, in collaboration with FMT, are assisting the government of Cameroon on broader Financial Inclusion Strategy and Implementation.

The FinScope survey is dynamic and the content is evaluated by a number of stakeholders including the private sector, NGOs, developmental partners and Government to ensure that the most relevant consumer data is collected.

This pocket guide represents some of the key market data on financial inclusion in Cameroon. Additional data on key thematic areas can be found on the data dashboards for agriculture and youth.