FinScope Mozambique consumer survey 2014 highlights- English

The FinScope Consumer Survey Mozambique 2014 study is an initiative by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and FinMark Trust (FMT) co-funded by the Department for International Development (DFID). FMT which has undertaken a series of FinScope surveys across Africa and Asia over the past few years has provided technical assistance for the implementation of the survey. COWI Mozambique was contracted by FMT to support the implementation of the survey and present the findings while the National Statistical Institute (INE) designed and controlled the sampling methodology. FinScope Mozambique 2014 is the second national financial inclusion survey, following that of 2009, in which a representational cross-section of adult Mozambicans have been interviewed comprehensively about their financial behaviour, familiarity with financial terminology and their use of financial services. A total of 3928 households were covered by the survey from which one person from each household aged 16 years or over was selected (with equal opportunity) for interviewing. In 2009 5,028 households were covered.