FinScope Myanmar 2018 Launch Presentation

Myanmar has achieved significant strides through Government policy in supporting increasing access to financial services which is a major goal of the Myanmar Government as reflected in Article 3 of the Microfinance Law. The Government recognises the role played by the financial sector in driving economic growth through enhanced access to financial services.

With the first comprehensive nationally representative demand side survey called FinScope conducted in 2013, Myanmar experienced moderate levels in access to formal financial services with 30 percent of adults being formally served and 39 percent having no access to financial services. The FinScope 2013 data highlighted that there were significant daily realities such as access to water and electricity, low levels of education in general. In 2018, a FinScope refresh was conducted to measure the progress of Myanmar in financial inclusion and improving the living standards of the Myanmar population. See the presentation for the FinScope Consumer Survey Myanmar 2018.