FinScope Survey Highlights Lao 2014 Brochure

To measure and profile the levels of access to financial services by all adults in Laos (18 years and older), across income groups and other demographics, and making this information available for use by key stakeholders such as policy-makers, regulators, and financial service providers.

Information provided by the survey helps extend the reach of financial services in the country, as it provides an understanding of the adult population in Laos in terms of:

  • Livelihoods and how they generate their income
  • Their financial needs and/or demands
  • Their financial perceptions, attitudes, and behaviours
  • Their demographic and geographic distribution
  • The obstacles they face and the factors that would have an influence on their financial situations
  • Current levels of access to, and utilisation of, financial services and products (formal and/or informal)
  • The landscape of access (i.e. types of products used in terms of transactions, savings, credit, insurance and remittances)
  • Drivers of financial products and services utilisation
  • Barriers to the utilisation of, and access to, financial products and services