Mapping of potential financial services distribution channels in SADC

The aim of the study is to produce a mapping of potential financial services distribution channels in the Southern African Development Community (SADC). The study is conducted at country and cross country levels and includes all 14 member states of SADC. This report documents the findings generated from this study, as well as recommendations for its use. The core focus of the study is informed by the extent of opportunity for the distribution of financial services through 6 alternative distribution channels. In the study the attributes of each of the 6 channels are assessed for their ability to serve as potential distribution channels for the delivery of financial services products. The channels identified for the study are: agro distributors; gas stations; informal traders; Mobile Network Outlets (MNOs); post offices; and retailers.  An analysis of these opportunities is conducted in terms of per country and per channel context and quantified in terms of channel reach, and feasibility for financial services distribution.

This report and the findings therein are presented under the following sections of this document: Introduction; Summary Findings; Findings at SADC region level;, Detailed Findings at country and channel level; Regulatory Considerations; Case Studies; and Study Recommendations.

This FinMark Trust study was undertaken by Redflank, under the auspices of Cenfri.