National Financial Inclusion Strategy of Madagascar 2018-2022 English

In Madagascar, financial inclusion is defined as « the easy access to and use of adapted financial products and services by all segments of the Malagasy population, including savings, insurance, payment and credit, offered by sustainable institutions ».

As in other countries, the financial sector in Madagascar has a particularly important role to play in unlocking growth opportunities by helping its citizens cope with risks and to become capable of living on their own. These household level imperatives are me tat a national level since financial services can be a powerful policy tool for resilience, growth and development of the country.

This strategy document will ensure effective coordination and an improved synergy of the numerous interventions of the public and private sectors, the civil society stakeholders, as well as technical and financial partners.

The National Financial Inclusion Strategy document for Madagascar (NFIS 2018-2022) is drafted in the context of the framework of the implementation of development policies and strategies at global, regional and national levels.

A participatory and inclusive approach was adopted throughout the process of developing the National Financial Inclusion Strategy. In addition to the deliberations of the members of the Steering Committee of Making Access to financial services Possible (MAP), the Ministry of Finance and Budget (MFB) conducted broad consultations with stakeholders (sectorial Ministries, financial institutions through their professional associations, the private sector and the technical and financial partners) on the draft roadmap for financial inclusion (NFIS action plan).