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We have launched a COVID-19 Tracker, The survey themes include health and risk behaviours, food security, income, work and job security, personal safety concerns, and access to government and community support.

Women constitute the majority of the poor in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region. Reasons for this include high illiteracy rates, restrictive and discriminatory laws, and limited access to, and control over financial services and productive resources. While we do not treat women and youths as a homogenous group, youths also experience a disproportionate burden of poverty, largely caused by high unemployment rates.

Gender equality is fundamental to achieving economic growth and poverty reduction. FMT is committed to accelerating efforts towards the gender equality and empowerment of women and youths through mainstreaming gender at organisational and programmatic levels. This involves the mainstreaming of gender in our organisational culture and the incorporation of the perspectives and experiences of both men and women in planning, design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes, thus ensuring the redress of gender imbalances and equal opportunities for both men and women.

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