Zimbabwe Financial Inclusion Forum 2019 Report

Zimbabwe Financial Inclusion Forum 2019

Following the launch of the National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIS) in March 2016, and half-way through the implementation period, it became necessary to reflect and take stock, learn from experiences to date and refocus activities to ensure attainment of the desired goals and objectives. In this regard, the three major financial sector regulatory authorities in Zimbabwe, namely Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Insurance & Pensions Commission and Securities and Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe, in collaboration with FinMark Trust, hosted the two-day Zimbabwe Financial Inclusion Forum from 19 to 20 February 2019 at Wild Geese Lodge in Harare. The forum was held under the theme “Strengthening Financial Inclusion in Zimbabwe, from Policy to Practice: Lessons and Way Forward”

Presenters were drawn from FinMark Trust, local experts in microfinance, digital finance providers and the financial sector regulators to discuss and provide input towards strengthening the current financial inclusion initiatives. The conference drew participants from the banking sector, microfinance sector, financial sector regulators, government ministries and departments, industry associations, insurance sector, capital markets, academia, and development partners.