At this first meeting, we asked members’ advice on two areas: i2i’s overarching strategy and the specific work of the Measurement team. On both fronts, there was a keen awareness of existing initiatives and an agreement on the importance of building on – and where possible building together with – existing initiatives.

Over the next few years, i2i’s Measurement team will work closely with partners to develop and test a number of financial inclusion measurement frameworks and indicators. The Advisory Panel gave inputs on the theory and core hypotheses considered by the team; advised on priority areas to consider; gave guidance on implementation; and recommended stakeholders to work with.

We would like to thank members for their valuable inputs. These have already been incorporated into the team’s strategies and work plans. A special thank you also to meeting chair David Porteous and host Ideas42 for their contributions to creating a conducive environment for the robust exchange of ideas.

As is the case with any good discussion, there is always room for more. We look forward to future engagements.

For more on i2i’s Advisory Panel, including member profiles, see here.